On a lush earth

This anniversary edition book was commissioned by Elpitiya Plantations of the blue chip conglomerate Aitken Spence Group. After twenty five years, the company has overcome serious challenges and moved from being a loss-making venture in deep debt, to Sri Lanka’s top rated plantation. TheContinue reading “On a lush earth”

Innovation Island

This is probably one of the most interesting projects that we’ve consulted in. Few years ago, Public Works was commissioned in a project that involved strategising and branding Sri Lanka’s creative industries’ policy; it was quite exciting. The local creative industries’ strategy wasContinue reading “Innovation Island”

Is ‘meaning’ built on words?

How is ‘meaning’ constructed in our minds? Can we make meaning out of something without words? Is it through words that we understand the world? Let’s look into that.

If time was a long, golden beach

The ocean can cast a spectacular spell on your being. Its vastness can lead you to the eternity in yourself or render you small and speechless to be content with simple things – like a day spent in the breezy hush under a palm tree.


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