If time was a long golden beach: Villa Océane, print

When Villa Océane first approached us through the fantastic design studio Mooniak to create the written narrative for a print brochure, their initial brief was to write a light-hearted piece with surf lingo. But, we saw something different. Looking at Villa Océane’s interior, moods and offer, it was obvious that their brand was more sophisticatedContinue reading “If time was a long golden beach: Villa Océane, print”

Made from paradise: Waves brand profile

We were excited about writing the official brand profile for WAVES because it is our personal favourite local slipper brand. It’s 100% local rubber, and completely biodegradable. When we met the WAVES team at the Samson Group’s DSI headquarters in Colombo, we understood that they are really serious about this sustainability aspect of the brandContinue reading “Made from paradise: Waves brand profile”

Sri Lanka Design Festival: Editorial, promotional and environmental

Sri Lanka Design Festival is one of our biggest annually recurring commissions. Having written for the event since its inception ten years ago, our relationship with the SLDF brand is quite strong. Everything, from writing the content that promotes the event, news and press material to crafting written pieces that provide on-site information and inspirationContinue reading “Sri Lanka Design Festival: Editorial, promotional and environmental”

Innovation Island: Sri Lanka’s creative industries’ strategy

This is probably one of the most interesting projects that we’ve consulted on. When AOD commissioned Public Works for a monumental project that involved playing a part in strategising and branding Sri Lanka’s creative industries policy proposal, it was very exciting. While the local creative industries strategy was something that a large number of stakeholders—fromContinue reading “Innovation Island: Sri Lanka’s creative industries’ strategy”

A new Sri Lankan style: FMLK editorial content

We’ve been working with the Sri Lankan fashion e-tailer FMLK for a few years now. While the brand uses their in-house promo team for everyday communications, they hire us to articulate the style philosophies and stories behind special collections. For FMLK it’s important to communicate the inspiration and story behind each collection because this isContinue reading “A new Sri Lankan style: FMLK editorial content”

Female Futures Forum: editorial and promotional content

Female Futures Forum was originally founded in London by The Future Laboratory. When the Sri Lankan entrepreneur and female empowerment advocate Linda Speldewinde brought forward a South Asian edition in Sri Lanka, our studio Public Works was commissioned to design and write the promotional and editorial content for it. The forum revolved around discussing theContinue reading “Female Futures Forum: editorial and promotional content”

Design starts here: AOD academic prospectus

We’ve been working with the pioneering design academy AOD for over ten years now, giving them consultation in strategy, branding and creating written content for all their work from proposals, pitches to promotions. As for any educator, one of the key promotional pieces for AOD is its academic prospectus. Every few years they invest considerableContinue reading “Design starts here: AOD academic prospectus”

Akuru: manifesto for type design collective

Akuru Collective is Sri Lanka’s first and largest typographic collection. This amazing group uses their love for letters to pull off some groundbreaking work for type and language. AkuruCon and local editions of international type forums like AtypI (Association Typographique Internationale) and Typoday are all their initiatives to bring in global typographic knowledge to SriContinue reading “Akuru: manifesto for type design collective”

South Asian Apparel Leadership Forum; promotional and editorial content

The South Asian Apparel Leadership Forum is probably the most interesting knowledge-sharing platform the the regional fashion business. We personally love being part of this forum each year to listen to incredible speakers from around the world, like The Future Laboratory—the world’s leading trend forecasting agency, and Bandana Tewari—the former editor of Vogue India. WhenContinue reading “South Asian Apparel Leadership Forum; promotional and editorial content”