#ReadyforTomorrow: film script


This video script was commissioned by Sri Lanka’s leading design college AOD. The brief was to capture the energy of young people who aspire to change the world with their creativity. The video script was given a tone of rebelliousness that syncs with the undercurrents of youth culture, while embracing the potential held by young people to build a different tomorrow, by nurturing their skills. The words were carefully chosen to be aspirational and positive connecting to the idea of the future and tomorrow, while also bringing in word choices that hint at being courageous. This video played a critical role as a powerful social media advertisement, and the client succeeded in making its recruitment targets expected from this campaign.


Tomorrow is a new place.

The rules have been remade.

Innovation, radical thinking and creativity run the world.

New ideas make the world.

Ideas like clothing that enhance lives.

Languages that break boundaries

Spaces that influence human wellbeing

Stories that change the way we see the world

Businesses that build new parallels in our experience.

This tomorrow needs a different kind of person at the lead.

The kind that believes,
the kind that thinks different,
the kind that dares to dream big.

(Dramatic pause)

What about you?


(The music and film recommences with new and intensity)

Get #readyfortomorrow with AOD.


Island experiences + enterprise must-knows: international prospectus

This editorial project was commissioned by the Sri Lankan design college—AOD, as part of its international campaign to attract students from overseas. Considering the target audience, the words, tone and the ideas brought into the text were carefully considered. These elements were crafted to be in line with the thinking and aspirations of twenty-something-year-olds in predominantly European markets. At the same time, content was also developed with the idea of presenting a modern design education destination out of Sri Lanka, bringing in strategic direction to the writing.

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