Do or die: Dulith Herath interview story

We’ve been working with Sri Lanka’s e-commerce pioneer, Kapruka founder Dulith Herath for years now. His views on technology and its role in Sri Lanka’s economy are incredibly fascinating and his ideas remain as groundbreaking as ever. Among the many stories and written pieces we’ve developed on Dulith, this is the latest. When we metContinue reading “Do or die: Dulith Herath interview story”

On a lush earth: company anniversary book

This anniversary edition book was commissioned by Elpitiya Plantations of the blue chip conglomerateĀ Aitken Spence Group. After twenty five years, the company has overcome serious challenges and moved from being a loss-making venture in deep debt, to Sri Lanka’s top rated plantation. The Elpitiya team was optimistic, inspired and victoriousā€”a sentiment worth capturing in theContinue reading “On a lush earth: company anniversary book”