SRI x FMLK: Digital content

SRI, the incredibly unique Sri Lankan transeasonal fashion brand commissioned us to create written content for launching its collection on the online fashion portal FMLK. Staying true to the brand’s allure of uber-cool tropical vibrancy, we worked on creating something that is commercially sound, hard-selling and Instagram friendly.

Get lost in paradise through a timeless story artisan-woven in rich textures of twills, ombre and herringbone in tropical colours made from memories of somewhere magical. Get into the mood with urban minimalist style meets futuristic Kenzo-esque silhouettes, perfect for the here-and-now transients, ever-curious culturists and neoteric wanderers whether in London, Tokyo, Paris, Colombo or New York. 

Presenting the master expressionist behind the looks that left some serious impressions this London Fashion Week; Amesh Wijesekera, alumnus of @AOD made heads turn with his award-winning international debut at GFW 2015. He returns to the catwalk as the designer, curator and stylist behind SRI’s trans-seasonal launch capsule that got everyone vibing in tropical modernism at London Fashion Week SS18. 

SRI look book; fashion editorial

SRI is definitely the most unique fashion brand we’ve seen in Sri Lanka; that’s a big statement to make, but the brand does truly live up to it. It is a brand that revolves around Sri Lanka’s mystique as the island of serendipity, where an allure of innocence and mystery mix with natural beauty. SRI captures it so well with modern style statements that could really work anywhere in the world. To create the introduction for SRI, we followed the brand identity that was created by The Future Laboratory—world’s leading trend forecasting agency.

A new Sri Lankan style: FMLK editorial content

We’ve been working with the Sri Lankan fashion e-tailer FMLK for a few years now. While the brand uses their in-house promo team for everyday communications, they hire us to articulate the style philosophies and stories behind special collections.

For FMLK it’s important to communicate the inspiration and story behind each collection because this is really what builds the connection between the consumer and the looks they see on the screen. Being a retailer that predominantly online, the entire sales pitch of the product was the content that consumers saw on their screens. So, the challenge for the writer was in keeping things fresh, even when two collections came out each week, and allowing South Asian consumers to see how these cool new styles actually have a story that connects back to their cultures and roots.

In collections like this, the target audience was slightly older in the thirty-somethings; the content had to speak to them, with a degree of seriousness and a sense of cool.
Other collections were more laidback, casual and fun to target the impulse buyers and everyday style junkies who want to wear something nice for the next occasion.
Sometimes, the tone had to take a drastic change when the collections were for kids, or men or under a special theme. Here, the brand values in offering a new Sri Lankan style became the connector; the writer had to maintain this link to maintain brand consistency.