Sri Lanka Design Festival: Editorial, promotional and environmental

Sri Lanka Design Festival is one of our biggest annually recurring commissions. Having written for the event since its inception ten years ago, our relationship with the SLDF brand is quite strong. Everything, from writing the content that promotes the event, news and press material to crafting written pieces that provide on-site information and inspiration during the event are all within our scope.

SLDF annually hosted many fringe events with their own identities. Often one of our biggest challenges was in maintaining a consistent brand voice while not losing the individuality of each fringe event.
Writing and editing press and media pieces for Sri Lanka Design Festival often involved interviews and connecting the many components of the festival.
Often, we would be involved in coining the linguistic theme of the festival. The Local/Global theme we developed for 2012 festival edition is still one of our favourites. The thematic identity here was developed by Thilini Perera.
In some festival editions, depending on the set designer’s vision for the year, there will be informative content displayed at the event. In this case, our scope always stretches to include environmental writing components like these pieces at the 2014 festival.

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