South Asian Apparel Leadership Forum; promotional and editorial content

The South Asian Apparel Leadership Forum is probably the most interesting knowledge-sharing platform the the regional fashion business. We personally love being part of this forum each year to listen to incredible speakers from around the world, like The Future Laboratory—the world’s leading trend forecasting agency, and Bandana Tewari—the former editor of Vogue India. When Public Works was commissioned to create the annual theme, look-and-feel and the promotional content for the forum, we were excited because this was a chance to capture the depth of knowledge and fashion business intel shared at one of our favourite platforms.

The challenge for the writer was maintaining a tone that was formal—so that the local business audience would take it seriously, and a voice that was fresh—so that the local creative sector would also respond as a secondary audience.

Some of the content we developed was very detailed—like this post-event piece which summed up the event with its best moments and the most important business intel discussed at the conference. Here, it was important to highlight all the key speakers, and the ideas that they presented.

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