Made from paradise: Waves brand profile

We were excited about writing the official brand profile for WAVES because it is our personal favourite local slipper brand. It’s 100% local rubber, and completely biodegradable. When we met the WAVES team at the Samson Group’s DSI headquarters in Colombo, we understood that they are really serious about this sustainability aspect of the brand and have a genuine love for the planet Earth.
From this positioning we decided on a tone of voice that is trustworthy, earnest and responsible. The brand would be addressing the consumer directly, in first person because WAVES wants to have meaningful conversation with its people.

Part of the brief was finding a way of connecting Sri Lanka’s beauty and nature to their brand philosophy as a sustainable product. ‘Made from paradise’ became the key phrase for the brand profile, because it drew focus to the process of ‘making’ the product and the fact that it comes from nature.
Waves comes from a place that still holds on to a magic that runs in the deep blue water, fresh green leaves and the magnificent animal life roaming free. It comes from a place much like paradise—Sri Lanka. A place where you discover murmuring waterfalls, golden beaches dipped in tropical sunlight, lush rainforests, misty blue hills, smiling people and a quiet sense of peace. This incredible place is what breathed inspiration to Waves. This is what blends in a special kind of magic to Waves flip-flops, making them more than just footwear. Shaped capturing the curve of ocean waves, coloured in the memory of indigenous birds and flowers, textured paying tribute to the silky rivers as well as sandy beaches, Waves is crafted by the island’s own people using its very best natural rubber. It is an homage to a small drop of earth that remains true to nature’s sacred beauty; a collection of memorabilia that immortalises a real, living paradise.

The romance between Waves and Sri Lanka’s incredible beauty doesn't end there. Devoted to leave no scars on the very nature that inspires us, the substances and the activities used in the making of Waves are selected with utmost care. Therefore, Waves is crafted entirely from genuine Sri Lankan rubber grown in the fertile slopes that run parallel to the rolling hills of the island. This rubber is harvested, treated and crafted into comfortable flip-flops using materials and processes that meet the highest compliances and leave no trace on the natural world around us. This has placed Waves among the rare few all-natural rubber flip-flops in the world. With the average flip-flops contributing to a massive component of the plastic waste that goes into landfills and our oceans, Waves takes a stand against contaminating nature's life fluid that nourishes us all.

We are moved to protect this magnificent place that inspires us. But, it is not enough. As a corporation we feel the calling and the immense responsibility to play our part in undoing the harm that humanity has caused on the environment. This is why Waves takes conservation seriously. Every year we partner with environmental protection organisations while also initiating new projects that help in minimising waste and pollutants that go into our oceans. Furthermore, a portion of all our profits go to environmental conservation and ocean fauna protection. Because it's up to us to make a difference. Because it's up to us to save the world.

Each season, our designers turn to Sri Lanka’s stunning natural beauty for new inspiration. The grace of blue whales swimming indolent among ocean waves, the delicate loveliness of yellow fading to crisp white in frangipani flowers, dazzling displays of myriad hues as the sun sets behind the deep blue, the richness of the coconut groves that sway lazily in the breeze... Everything, from the enormous magnificence of the Asian elephant, the idyllic life in rural hamlets, to the minuscule Ceylon blue sapphire that reflects immaculate beauty, moves us to create Waves.

In the making of Waves flip-flops Sri Lanka's essence is captured in even more ways. With our farmers, harvesters, makers, technicians and craftsmen, Waves  embraces one of the most beautiful facets of Sri Lanka—her people. Our rubber is sourced from plantations that employ people from local villages. From our smiling farmers who grow rubber with a careful combination of traditional methods and new technology, to harvesters that often come from families who engaged in the craft for a few generations, to our new-age technicians and designers who ensure quality, fantastic aesthetic and comfort, our team brings forward the best of Sri Lanka and her people. Waves in return, takes immense pride in employing them, creating incredible opportunities for many men, women and their families across the island.

These are our stories, the immortal moments that move us to create something exceptional, safeguard what is precious and lead the change that we yearn to see in this world. Because Waves is a brand that stands for much more than the purposes of commerce. Sprung from the exaltation of the land we love, Waves is a testament to what we hold sacred, a fulfilling of our sense of love and duty to the island that bred us. This makes Waves a testament to exquisite unfolding of beauty in nature, the humbling splendour of working men and women who are in the service of what they believe to be great and a response to a deeply ingrained call in our very souls that drive us to protect our beginnings.

We live in a world where businesses prioritise profit and growth. As much as this is necessary for our worldly lives, it is not the core of our belief. Waves was built on a philosophy that yearns for a higher purpose; a calling that is much loftier than what drives everyday human experiences. It revolves around aligning our supreme sense of purpose with our livelihoods to create something exceptional, something that moves others to see the treasure that we see in nature and her work. At the very heart of Waves is this philosophy.

This is what makes wearing Waves a much bigger experience than slipping on a pair of average flip-flops. Because, when you wear a pair of Waves, you become part of paradise, its incredible landscapes, magnificent history, flora, fauna and people. When you wear a pair of Waves you transport yourself to the memories of a sunlit place by the ocean, in luscious tropical forests and among smiles that warm your heart. When you wear a pair of Waves you take a stand to protect nature’s pristine unfolding and safeguard it for tomorrow. When you wear a pair of Waves you touch the lives of many Sri Lankans from farmers, makers to harvesters and help them build their families. When you wear a pair of Waves you make a difference.

made from paradise.

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