Design starts here: AOD academic prospectus

We’ve been working with the pioneering design academy AOD for over ten years now, giving them consultation in strategy, branding and creating written content for all their work from proposals, pitches to promotions. As for any educator, one of the key promotional pieces for AOD is its academic prospectus. Every few years they invest considerable thought, energy and funds to rewrite and redesign a prospectus that resonates their most current offering, thinking and opportunities. Being an intensely active entity with large amounts of industry collaborations, events and projects, condensing all this into an academic prospectus along with information like curricula, course structures, faculty and alumni stories, is always a challenge for the writer and designer alike. Our writing was combined with the Indian designer Pushpi Bagchi for this edition of the AOD academic prospectus.

Speaking to the school’s recruiters, we understood that only a few people actually take the time to read the content through, and that most people prefer a quick browse. Therefore, we mixed in bold statements with supporting copy to cement in important content that needed to be processed by readers browsing through the pages fast, and those taking their time to go through all content.

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