Colombo Innovation Tower: digital content for catalyst work space

The Colombo Innovation Tower is one of the biggest ventures related to creativity to take place in Sri Lanka. So, it was quite interesting to get an insider’s view into the project by being commissioned to write for their website. The project would bring forward the largest space dedicated to design, creativity and innovation in Sri Lanka, and offered our industries a creative catalyst space to be part of. It was crucial that website text helped the viewer understand the big picture of the project; this means the philosophy behind CIT and why it is necessary for Sri Lanka. At the same time, the commercial paradigm of the venture was paramount; the website had to sell the spaces at the end of the day. The challenge for the writer was in creating this balance in the text.

The design of the website was already set. The writer’s task was to incorporate CIT’s best attributes, strengths and unique elements into the text. One of the biggest challenges was making ideas connected to ‘innovation’, ‘Coworking spaces’ and ‘collaboration’ sound interesting, with these words already being buzzwords that are being thrown around everywhere by everyone. How do you make it sound unique and interesting?
It was also essential to bring in words that would activate SEO. Usually clients would work with their digital administrators to obtain a list of search engine optimisation keywords and pass it on to us; but, it could also be a collaborative process between the writer and the client.

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