Writing stories is so inherent to me. So inherent, that I was well into my twenties by the time I recognised it as something that I do, as much as something that I am.


That was over ten years ago. Over those years, I actively focused on developing my skills as a writer and a storyteller, taking on independent commissions and pro-bono work with causes that inspired me. After building experience as an independently commissionable writer for a decade, I focused my writing on storytelling for brands and personalities.

My undergraduate studies at the University of Moratuwa (2009) and Academy of Design (2006) in Sri Lanka were focused on design. This formal education in design and my partnership with the designer and image-maker Alain Parizeau had an immense influence on shaping my career as a writer. When we set up the storytelling consultancy Public Works together in 2017, my writing took on a distinctly design-driven approach focused on solving specific problems through good storytelling. Today, the stories we create help many brands and people build meaningful and lasting connections with their audiences.


As an advocate of environmental sustainability and animal rights, I offer significant concessions and even voluntary writing for people and organisations that push forward similar beliefs; reach out to me.