If time was a long, golden beach

When Villa Oceane first approached us through our friends at the design studio Mooniak their initial brief was to write a light-hearted piece with surf lingo. But, we saw something different. As practice, we made an inquiry about the target audience of this work, and uncovered that they appreciate sophisticated and high quality experiences that were beyond just chasing waves. So, we proposed a much more poetic, dreamy tone for writing that resonated with the idea of a blissful island holiday; and, it worked.

Here are some of my favourite lines from the project.

Where the ocean fills your lungs in salty blues, while everything is rendered magical in a tropical sun-blaze, and nothing else matters.

Some say that Sri Lanka blesses certain souls with her serendipitous magic. So, don’t be surprised if you happen to find something you’ve been searching for, caught in the sun spots filtered through palm leaves, pearly smiles and the sea-swept breeze. Villa Oceane braids her days weaving in authentic island cuisine and a life philosophy built on surf, yoga and slow walks on the beach, perfected with a personal butler service that deepens the experience of easy luxury. 

‘Easy’ is how life should be lived. The mundane should be the last thing on your mind. Your only question should be whether to surf the big blue or dapple in drops of sandy gold.

Villa Oceane is a magical place throughout the year. From November to February is when you find the easiest temperatures that range between mild warm to balmy on the occasional midday. The southern sea puts forward her best time for swimming and surfing, with ocean currents mellowing down to perfect the water for easy, bathwater-warm dips, marking the most popular season. Come March, Earth’s tropics inch closer to the sun, bringing warmer days that peak in April. The surf is still up, with the waves growing in size but slowing down on smoothness. 

If life is a pursuit of happiness, why not spend your days chasing larger-than-life moments, incredible sunsets and perfect waves?

Between May and July, a short period of monsoon showers render the ocean turbulent and the sands to recede, but cast a haunting, rainy beauty across the landscapes. August brings cheerful shine but the ocean needs more time to regain her peace. If you’re content with the view of the ocean, and the stunning sceneries, this is a time with only a few visitors by the coast. By September and October, anxious surfers and swimmers set out to rekindle their connection with the water in less-than-perfect conditions because by now, the gold of the beach is starting to reappear and the ocean is seen returning to her perfect aquamarine—it’s hard to resist, and a good time to visit before the snowbirds fly in.

Experiences— they’re the only things that remain after the days have turned to dust and places to memories. So, make them many, make them rich, make them incredible.

It may be some old biological magic that lives in taste, that gives it the ability to transcend language to tell stories in wordless flavour, symphonies of colour.

The culinary culture of a place always carries the essence of its people. Through wordless stories in flavours and seasoning, you’re able to sense their habits, nature, days and lives. Villa Oceane likes to share some of her stories this way. With freshest seafood harvested off the balmy ocean waters, farm grown treasures from across the island, rich spices, and traditional culinary methods, the kitchens at Villa Oceane concoct perfect island delights to transport you across Sri Lanka, story after story.

What is paradise? Someplace where beauty and bliss are abundant, and time is a long golden beach that stands still—almost forever.

The ocean can cast a spectacular spell on your being. Its vastness can lead you to the eternity in yourself or render you small and speechless to be content with simple things – like a day spent in the breezy hush under a palm tree. Villa Oceane made her chambers with the enchanting vision of the Indian Ocean in their full view, so that your stay there becomes an unbroken stretch of seaborne magic.

©All rights reserved. No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the copyrights owner.

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