Made from paradise

When you live on a tropical island, the flip-flops you wear become such a part of your everyday identity; So, it is pretty common to have strong preferences when it comes to your go-to flip-flop brand. Mine are WAVES, because their flip-flops are made from 100% natural, local, fair-grown rubber that is completely biodegradable. So, I was pretty excited about writing the official brand profile for WAVES a few years back. When I met the WAVES team at the Samson Group’s DSI headquarters in Colombo, it was clear that they were really serious about sustainability.

For this project, we created a tone of voice that is trustworthy, earnest and warm; WAVES addressed the consumer directly, in first person, creating a moving, heart-to-heart conversation with the audience.

Part of the brief was finding a way to connect Sri Lanka’s beauty and nature to their brand philosophy. ‘Made from paradise’ became the coining phrase for the brand profile, because it drew focus to the process of making the product and its natural roots in both material choice and inspiration.

Shaped capturing the curve of ocean waves, coloured in the memory of indigenous birds and flowers, textured paying tribute to the sandy beaches, Waves is crafted by our island’s people using fair grown, natural rubber. It is an homage to a small drop of earth that remains true to nature’s sacred beauty.

We come from the life that runs in the deep blue water, fresh green leaves, and every free-roaming creature.

Devoted to leave no scars on the natural world that inspires us, the substances and the activities used in the making of Waves flip-flops are selected with utmost care. Waves is crafted entirely from genuine Sri Lankan rubber grown in the fertile slopes that run parallel to the rolling hills of the island. This rubber is harvested, treated and made into comfortable flip-flops using material and processes that meet the highest compliances and leave no trace on the natural world around us.

With our farmers, harvesters, makers, technicians and craftsmen, Waves  embraces one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful facets—her people.

This is what makes wearing Waves a much bigger experience than slipping on a pair of average flip-flops. Because, when you wear a pair of Waves, you become part of paradise, its incredible landscapes, flora, fauna and people. When you wear a pair of Waves you transport yourself to the memories of a sunlit place by the ocean. When you wear a pair of Waves you take a stand to protect nature’s pristine unfolding and safeguard it for tomorrow. When you wear a pair of Waves you touch the lives of many Sri Lankans from farmers, makers to harvesters, helping them build their families. When you wear a pair of Waves you make a difference.

Made from nature; from what we hold sacred; from smiles. Made from paradise.

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  1. Ooo I’m loving the brand profile you’ve come up with! Thanks for sharing, and do share more of your work in the future!

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