Words are our civilization’s primary instruments of meaning-making. They are the building blocks that construct our reality. Because, where your words end, is where your defined world ends. Just think about what that means for a business.

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Image: Typographic poster by Pathum Egodawatte, 2013. Public Works Archives.

Shamalee de Silva Parizeau is a writer, strategist, and storyteller based in Colombo, Sri Lanka; She is, essentially, a wordsmith. Shamalee has over a decade’s experience building compelling stories for brands, personalities, corporations and governmental organisations.

Shamalee’s writing and strategic insights have been used to revive businesses, drive campaigns, direct films, and publish books. Her words have been published in national newspapers like The Sunday Times and Daily FT. Her clients include Sri Lanka Design Festival, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Colomboscope; businesses like Elpitiya Plantations, Colombo Innovation Tower, Brandix and AOD; and personalities like Anoma Wijewardene, Dulith Herath and Linda Speldewinde.

Shamalee is commissionable through her studio Public Works.