Shamalee De Silva Parizeau is an independent writer based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Her work of over eight years has been published in news, research, books and digital productions.

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Shamalee’s formal education in design has influenced her career immensely, focusing much of her written work on people, events and businesses representing creative sectors like fashion, visual communication, entertainment and art, as well as those in innovation, and technology. From business publications like special editions, creative annual reports and anniversary books, to biographies and interviews, Shamalee is widely experienced in brand storytelling for people and organisations. She also custom crafts personal and business brand profiles, news articles and advertising content for digital and print media.

Shamalee is a graduate of the University of Moratuwa and Academy of Design in Sri Lanka. She is an advocate of environmental sustainability and animal rights, and offers significant concessions and even voluntary writing for people and organisations that push forward similar beliefs.

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